Τρίτη, 20 Οκτωβρίου 2015

1) Can you introduce yourselves, for the Greeks comrades who will read the interview? 

First of all, we would like to thank for giving us the chance to introduce ourserselves to Greek Comrades. We express our support to you and to your country, especially after the murder of Giorgios and Manolis. 

Before becoming a real political structure, Raido was made up of comrades coming from various political experiences who realized that in politics the spiritual dimension and reference to Tradition were completely absent. 

2) What does exactly mean for Raido the slogan “Tradizione - Formazione – Rivoluzione”? 

Tradition, Spiritual and Cultural growth, Revolution (in Italian “Tradizione, Formazione, Rivoluzione”) are not only words. They represent a way of living, the path we want to follow. 

Tradition, with a capitol T, as described by Julius Evola and Rene Guenon is an active and operating spiritual “reality”. Tradition goes beyond time, history and it is a dynamic element. Starting from this unavoidable reference, we strongly believe that it is necessary to adhere to it and try to realize in our own everyday life its teaching. This is the reason why we believe that Spiritual Growth means to state a real way of living.

Revolution, in these terms, becomes the unavoidable end of this path. Believe and consider Tradition as a point of reference in everyday life implies a Spiritual Growth and this one implies a Revolution: both internal as external, both in political and social life. To better analize this matter, please visit our website

3) What was the motive for the creation of the Raido Community? 

After having given to Tradition a preeminent role, Raido members wanted to build a hierarchic organism by keeping as reference Tradition by stressing the importance of spiritual authority. So Raido is the expression of a militant way of living that has become an operating structure that inspired by Codreanu teachings. An operating structure that is opened to the outside world; a structure where its members help each other in order to verify that their own way of living will be coherent with Tradition teachings.
4) What are the basic values that your community shares and what do they represent? 

Honour, Fidelity, Truth and Justice are the values on which our Community is based on. We try in our everyday life to translate these words in concrete actions. It is not always so easy and for this reason we draw inspiration from some great Men that lived in the past: Corneliu Codreanu, Léon Degrelle, Niccolò Giani, Julius Evola, for example. 

All that we have said until now can be considered only words or people can think that we are talking about “philosophy”. These remain words if they do not become actions in our everyday life. At the same time, if our actions are not inspired by knowledge they remain only unrest. Only by the perfect combination between action and knowledge something great can arise. Ezra Pound said that the only knowledge he knew was that one where «ideas became actions». 

5) What are your goals for the future and how do you imagine it? 

Our goal is, first of all, the militant correction and qualification, its spiritual growth. For us, it means to put in order in our life, always inspired by Tradition: on existential level (study, work, family, relationship with the opposite sex) and on spiritual level by correcting negative aspects of each (egoism, individualism, hedonism and materialism). Our community and social life are not separated. Raido militant is aware that the consistency between what he says and what is actually does can be proved only through daily actions. So In three words, these are Raido goals: Tradition, Spiritual growth, Revolution. 

Unfortunately we do not see a rosy future. Population, above all European ones, should face a stronger persecution (social, economic, existential, ethic and “spiritual” level). It does not means that we should give up on the contrary it is time to fight. 

6) We see that you keep a high ideological level, but the level of your activities is also high, how can you succeed this balance? 

These two aspects are strictly linked. If there is a solid cohesion to strong identity, as Tradition is, all forces and energy will be dedicated to is… it is unavoidable. 

To answer to your question we can state that the solution is hidden in the origin of the word “Tradition”. In fact in Latin Tradition derives from trader (trans=beyond e dare=to give). For this reason Tradition means spread and share this heritage also thanks to all the initiatives we have been organized from 1995.
7) On which sectors do you think natiοnalist – traditionalist - identitarian groups can work on, so as to overthrow the politically correct view of culture that dominates at present in Europe and the rest of the world? 

We should keep in mind two important things: the first one is that our enemy is stronger that us from a cultural, economic and media point of view. For this reason we believe that a direct attack will be useless. 

Second, we believe that our force lies on quality and not on quantity. For this reason all militants that state to have Tradition as point of reference should be prepared both culturally and temperamentally. If this is clear, it is easier for each militant understand what to do in his life (school, job, sport relationship, family) and transmit Truth in all fields. 

From a Community point of view, we believe that each community should find its right place by considering and appraising its men and women nature and evaluating the background in which this community operates. So there will be some communities gifted at metapolitics, others at specific social aspects, other able to finance militant activities. As in the loxè fàlanx invented by Epameinòndas, if everyone will execute his little but important duty, the result will be an invincible war machine. 

8) How do you define Tradition, and how can it gain Youth's attention, without being seen as conservative and regressive? 

Even if it can be considered impossible, Tradition is the most revolutionary, innovative and radical idea that exist in the modern world. Capitalism was born on 1700, Communism on 1800: we are the keeper of an eternal Idea! 

If it is clear, it is easier to understand why Raido organizes events, concerts, lectures, mountain excursions etc. Tradition is not a cage for us where we can hidden. To the young people that can understand what we are talking about, we give the chance to be a different militant. Different because is far away from egoism and corruption that affect (not just…!) Right Italian parties. In simple words, we offer the chance to fight: this is the best way, according to us, to let people approaching to us.
9) Here in Greece, we had the murders of two young nationalists, Fountoulis and Kapelonis, and also the persecutions of Golden Dawns' Members. The Italian movement has lived similar situations in the past. In your opinion, how should the ideological and metapolitical groups move?

In Greece, you are living what we experienced in 1970’s and earlier 80’s, the so-called “Years of lead”. Cruel years during which a lot of Italian comrades has been killed not only by communists and police, but also by a sort of an invisible and secret terrorism organized by Italian State (essentially by Italian Secret Services) with the help of Usa and Otan in order to terrify people with bombs and let young people - from right and left - fight each other. In Italy, hundreds of comrades had been in jail for political reason for years. Today in Italy we have, of course, several liberticidal laws, but the situation has become better at the end of the cold war. Anyway today, in a sense, persecution is worst than before since persecution uses invisible prisons such as hedonism, consumerism, show of richness at all costs, refusal of all that is “tradition” (family, history, ethnic and cultural identity). 

Giorgios and Manolis death has deeply saddened us. We have remember them on the walls of Rome together with other romans communities. Without any doubt you are experiencing very difficult moment and do not do the mistake - and you are not doing that - to cede to logic of opposite extremism since only the System will take advantage of it. This does not mean that we remain unresponsive to people disappointment or in front of real actions against the system, but we should act by paying attention: if necessary we should remain solid as mountains or busting as a storm. Keep your eyes opened, your heart warm and your mind ready! 

10) Finally, we would like you to give your personal message for those who read your interview.

We would like to thank you again for your hospitality and we hope that all those people that refer to Tradition, both Greeks or Italians, French or Russians can develop a stronger relationship. We are glad to have had the chance to address this message to Greek comrades since we can let them know that Italian comrades wish them a bright future, a future of victory! 

We would like to greet you by using Julius Evola’s words who stated that in the Idea our real Nation should be recognized. Today what it is essential is to share a common Idea and not to being part of the same land or using the same language. In alto i cuori!



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